S5FF Slovenia offical start  of program 30.10.2021

The S5FF team proudly announces that the national Flora Fauna program in Slovenia has been prepared ,officially set up and launched starting ufficialy on 30.october 2021.

Till now over 178 references of protected areas and parks were registered and has been assigned to their S5FF reference number.

S5FF team is set and operative. We plan major activites on referencies activation first full weekend in november to elebrate start  of national program in S5. Agenda will be followed out with posts to seek specific 5FF references and activitvations.   

The intention is to activating as much different S5FF referencies to celebate and promote S5FF Slovenia and WWFF program.

Thanks for support and hpope to sear you from our common shack… “Nature “ !!!

73 & 44  

S55G  Mike

S5FF Coordinator