Two years after the last update we have updated some of the WWFF rules to version 5.5. The main reason for the update being clarification of existing rules. The changes are documented in the release history at the start of the document.

Two clarifications are worth noting here:

  • For historical reasons the WWFF rules have a facility to allow pre-existing national programs to demand stricter activation rules than the global activation rules – in most cases where this applies the national program demands more than 44 QSOs and a certain minimum activation duration. As these stricter rules would need to be met for a log to end up at WWFF, the exception was added to the WWFF rules as rule 2.1.
    The way this rule was documented at the time has lead to confusion recently with some reading a much larger scope into this rule. To stop this confusion the rule has been reverbalised with the original scope in mind.
  • Running a rewarding program for all, the quality of the logs is an important variable. We expect and have always expected the logger (activator) himself and the log manager as his back-up to make sure the logs are as correct as they can be. Over the years however there are still a lot of requests for log corrections. Some of the major errors we come across should really have been filtered out by the activator and log manager (like wrong reference or wrong operator specified), other smaller errors like a wrong chaser call can and will happen from time to time. They might be the result of a typo or a callsign that was misheard (in which case there was no QSO). These kinds of errors we consider an “occupational hazard” for a chaser – not something to correct after a log is processed. A submitted log is final (6.3, 7.2).

The updated rules can be found here.