Reply To: Unconfirmed P2P entries


Hi Pete,
Just checked VK2APC Alec’s log and it is correct for VKFF-1292.

On LogSearch, neither the VK3AWA nor VK3TV contact are confirmed. Note that they are both activating VKFF-2091 on the same day so only one P2P will be awarded anyway.

VK3TV logged a contact with VK2ATC @ VKFF-1292 so there is a callsign mismatch hence unconfirmed for both parties.

Similarly, VK3AWA logged a contact with VK2ATC instead of VK2APC so another callsign mismatch.

These two errors are preventing a confirmed P2P for Alec with VKFF-2091. Correction of these errors may not be possible under the new WWFF policy that logs are final.

Gerard – VK2IO (WWFF VK2 coordinator)

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