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    I have a number of P2P entries that are unconfirmed and will contact the other activator to see where the error is. However my son Alec, VK2APC has two unconfirmed P2P entries on 27/11/21, one is from VK3AWA who said he has entered in Alec’s callsign incorrectly and will fix it.
    The other entry is from VK3TV. Mal wrote to me:
    Hello Pete,
    I just checked the FLE log and ADI log and all appears correct. Yes I can see in Logsearch Alec’s QSO is not confirmed, but not sure why.
    I don’t use the /P in my logs but yours went through okay. Maybe time, Rst or something else I’m missing, I’m really not sure how the contacts are cross referenced.
    I’ve done a clip of both my FLE and ADI log you can look at just in case I’m missing something.
    Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Let me know how you get on as I see I have some other P2P unconfirmed and not sure where the problem lies.

    The only entry I can see out is the time by one minute. Is there any other way to check and see why the P2P contact between VK2APC and VK3TV is not confirmed?
    Sincerely, Pete

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