Reply To: Unconfirmed P2P entries


Hi Pete,
To look for the logsearch entries for VK2ATC
1. Go to the site and log in
2. Click LOGSEARCH on the top row
3. In the dialog box replace the default callsign(s) such as VK2LP with VK2ATC and press Search.
You will find there are 9 references worked.
4. Press QSOs.
10 QSOs will be listed. The latest was in 2017 which was before Alec got his VK2APC callsign.
I have worked VK2ATC once myself back in 2014, but it wasn’t from a park so doesn’t appear.

This means the callsign corrections have been made.
Alec’s park-to-parks should now be confirmed.
Thank you to the angel (Andrew?) who did that.

Gerard – VK2IO

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