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I understand that the answer to my original question is “No” and I will not continue this topic.

However, I wish to present my ideas here. They should not be interpreted as any criticism of any current programme, but rather as proposals of certain alternative solutions.

The intentions of a new programme would be as follows:

– to foster open, positive, realistic, and reliable co-operation with all, regardless of their views, locally and internationally
– to open a new domestic discussion forum, available to all participants
– to implement a new state-of-the-art domestic website containing current information, exclusively relating to FF
– to start strong contacts with a nation-wide amateur-radio organization to exchange information and promote each other
– to start contacts with the central government authorities responsible for the protected areas
– using our technical knowledge and experience in field operations, as long-term FF activators, to develop contacts with the EmComm project managers
– to implement democratic elections of the national coordinator every two years, from among Top Ten SP activators and hunters
– to appoint independent Activity Checkers to verify and approve FF activations
– to attract sponsors for awards representing higher quality than electronic certificates, or to implement trophies for fees, similarly to other programmes
– based on our six-year experience, to adopt the rules that are more friendly, reasonable, and suitable for all those ready to participate in an FF Programme
– to attract those FF activators and hunters who have been discouraged by previous activities and quit
– to concentrate on regaining previous logs for the FF Programme
– to organize and promote a national “Green Fest”

vy73/44 Kris SP9UPK
FF activator at 2195 day’s

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