Reply To: First time activating a Park


Hi, Douglas! Let me start by saying THANK YOU so much for participating in the initiative. I hope you and the scouts had a great time. I am a former Scoutmaster as well.

For the U.S. (the KFF program in WWFF), you send your log in ADIF format via e-mail to the Regional Manager that handles your call sign. So, for you, it would be the 4th area Regional Manager – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer. His e-mail address is:

You can learn more about the specifics about the KFF program, additional award opportunities above and beyond the global awards offered, etc., by going to the KFF site at:

Again, thanks so much for your participation. Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.

Very 73 es 44 de Jeff Dahn / KB3ZUK
North American Continental Representative

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