Reply To: HBFF-A- Awards not by LogSearch ?


OK I have seen in My Awards as HB9TZA , Dec 1st ; as you may see, no HBFF-A yet issued and no HBFF-A-25 nor HBFF-A-50 pending.
I send you the screen image by email, cannot copy it here :^(
And I doubt that this URL shows you the right image; anyway here is it:
my awards for HB9TZA

But now something new: if I log in as HB9WFF , I may see that an HBFF-A-50 Award has been issued!!!
Here is it:
HBFF-A-50 Mixed Mixed All-Time HB9WFF HBFF-A-50__100001 2017-08-14

But none as HB9TZA yet! Then , it should noted that ONLY for HB9TZA the HBFF-A-25 and HBFF-A-50 are not there.

Something wrong with my callsign?
TU, 73 Augusto

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