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I correct what I wrote before: a short explanation on how to upload logs on LogSearch and what Fields are required exists, it may be found under “rules and FAQ / 2 confirming and sending logs” or even better may be understand reading the specs of FLE , on .
It is also interesting and appropriate the “rules and FAQ/6-eQSL” very well explained by ON4VT and completed by good notes by VK4AAC .
Ending I found something unknown to me before: the “log search management ” at the bottom of that same page “Rules and FAQ” .
But on that .pdf the final question ” How to suit the logs to be uploaded to WWFF LogSearch not loosing data doing it? ” is only partially answered, as it describes only how to upload logs by entering manually some of the required data; but it does not explain at all how to preapare a log to be OK for the auto-detect upload; this .pdf file could well be completed with such Infos and thus also entering some note about the ADIF Fields required and their precise content meaning.
It could be helpful also a short explanation about the LogSearch provided Filters and Errors management.

Please do not interpret these notes as a critique of your good work, but as ideas and suggestions to help national managers understand and do better in their tasks.
My intention, if possible, is to help.
Thank you! Augusto HB9TZA I2JJR

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