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Hi John
After my step away from WWFF Award Manager position, about 7 month ago, the team of coordinating WWFF(the person who have “keys” in site decided to take away the YOFF from WWFF.
See where YOFF is without any info about !
I got messages that “they” do not trust me! As more than 5 years I contributed hardly to WWFF, now they think that in YOFF need an other coordinator who take the job. I got also messages to stop any comments, if not, they will delete me from any connection to WWFF!
As I know each national team have their rules and they take decision who represent them. As long no new one for YOFF the team of WWFF can’t take their decision to change the representative of any national team.
That the rules! May I am wrong???
Decision is take, in my opinion, by only few persons
In this way you can’t get any of YOFF and WRFF awards now.
So please ask the WWFF team why it happens!(DF6EX and M0YMA)
Sorry Luk, that address is valid for countries where no coordinators! YOFF have coordinator! also site at
Gus sent directly the log, without any approval from YOFF!
I don’t know if he was in YO! Sorry.
YOFF coordinator

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