Reply To: How do YOFF activators get their logs uploaded?


Hello Pit,

Yes, I know that there is a controversy, that’s why I asked, but I have no idea about what caused it.

YOFF has not been excluded from the WWFF, it is still present on the pages, including a working link to the YOFF website. There just isn’t an accepted YOFF coordinator.

I guess that makes YO a DXCC ”not represented in the current WWFF program”, so that section 6.11 in the rules offers a valid way to solve the log upload problem for the YO activators.

So until the issue is solved, one way or another, I suggest that you tell them that.

The next question, of course, is how to apply for YOFF awards. I am just two shy of the next step, 250 references. That will have to wait until the logs come up.

73 … John

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