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    I believe there is currently no way for activators to make notes about a park. Is this a useful feature, or am I the only one who thinks so?

    Here is a case where I would find it useful: I recently operated from KFF-4588. This park had never been activated previously. It is adjacent to another park (KFF-0015). The parking area for KFF-4588 is technically within the park boundary of KFF-0015. You can be within KFF-4588 by hiking just a few hundred yards, but hiking a few kilometers leads you to areas much more amenable to operating.

    I would find it useful to share notes about other parks I have activated, too. Information about whether there are picnic tables, bathrooms, scenic views (because the view is a great reason to Make Nature Your Shack!), park fees, and access restrictions.

    Knowing the experiences of previous activators could help future activators to have a more successful activation. My idea is for something similar to what SOTA has: a mechanism to add links or notes (they call it “articles”) for each park. You can see a SOTA example here, which has links to a photo gallery, GPS track, and an “article” about access & trail info:

    Thanks for the consideration!

    73, 44,


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