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    Andrew and Manfred,

    I think that I have identified an issue with regards to Award tallies:

    The question stems from the way that the database treats references worked.

    In SOTA, if a summit becomes “invalid” for some reason (e.g. a higher point is found a distance along the same mountain range), contacts made from, or with an activator on, the summit WHILST it was valid still count for award purposes. All that happens is that the summit can no longer be activated after the date that it became invalid. The summit remains on the database but is no longer valid.

    The WWFF Directory still lists “Deleted” references as DELETED. It notes the date range when the reference was valid. That is all okay and as one would expect.

    When one looks at your own Logsearch results, the summary shows the reference as Invalid (i.e. there is a red cross in the column to the right of the table). I have not checked if the behaviour is the same for an Activator.

    Logically, one would expect that if a Hunter worked an Activator in a Reference whilst the Reference was valid, then the Hunter should still have the credit for making the contact/s with the Activator. Similarly, the Activator should retain the credit for the Activation.

    Can you shed any light on why the database and Logsearch behave in this matter?

    I became aware of the issue today when checking my current Hunter status.
    If you look at Top Operators for VKFF, it shows that I have worked 1751 References (All Time).
    When I check my status via Logsearch, National Awards, it gives a total of 1749 References worked.
    Scrolling through the list of references for me as a Hunter, it shows that VKFF-1737 O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park and VKFF-0734 Lockyer (Recovery) National Park as invalid. Both Parks were “Deleted”.
    Surely contacts made with these Parks whilst they were valid should still count towards the relevant awards?

    A similar situation one should consider is DXCC entities: A DXCC contact made when the entity was valid still counts towards the DXCC awards scheme after the entity later becomes Deleted…..


    Peter VK3PF

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