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    Marvin (AB4MM)

    I received two awards on 09/04/2017 but did not receive the certificates. Is there anywhere I can go to view and save my certificates?

    Thank you again for all your hard work!

    Marvin – AB4MM


    Hi, Marvin. I will ask Jason Johnston, W3AAX, the National Coordinator for KFF, to research this and provide you with a response. Thanks for your support of the initiative.

    73/44 de Jeff – KB3ZUK
    NA Continental Representative – WWFF


    I sent two awards on 9/4 – as shown in the copy and paste here:

    Jason Johnston
    Mon 9/4, 3:34 PM
    AB4MM KFF Hunter Platinum.pdf
    803 KB

    AB4MM KFF Hunter 21.pdf
    930 KB

    2 attachments (2 MB) Download all Save all to OneDrive – Personal
    See attached

    Did you check your spam/junk filters? I will forward the same message again. 73 W3AAX


    Well, I resent them twice and asked for acknowledgement that they were received. Hopefully, he’s just busy and will respond soon. Jeff, thanks for letting me know about the thread and keep up the great work. Please feel free to close it when you think it’s handled. 73 W3AAX


    Dear Marvin,

    As Jason has indicated, he has twice sent the awards to you via email. He has not received any reply. If you do not indicate the need for any further assistance here by 11-23-17 on the forum, I will mark this issue as resolved and close out the thread.

    Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in WWFF. Have fun!

    Very 73/44 de Jeff – KB3ZUK


    I Didn’t receive WWFF-H-44 award that an email said was coming shortly. Well that was weeks ago. How do I go about retrieving it? De KB1HXO


    Hi, Ken. Thank you for letting us know. I am sending an e-mail to the awards manager for follow-up.

    Please let give him a chance to respond and work to address your issue. If your issue remains unresolved after a week or so, please post an additional follow-up post on this thread. I will then get an e-mail that will help me to know that added steps need to be taken.

    Thank you so much for your support of and participation in WWFF. Take care and have fun!

    Very 73 es 44 de Jeff – KB3ZUK
    WWFF NA Continental Representative


    Please close the thread. Marvin did receive the award. The one that KB1HXO comes from Pit (WWFF) and not the KFF. Thanks.


    Thanks, Jason, for you addition. Because KB1HXO combined his still open request onto someone else’s post, I need to keep it open so Pit can follow along and know how to respond. I will close it after we receive Pit’s response. Thanks!

    73/44 de Jeff – KB3ZUK

    Pit YO3JW

    Hi Ken
    Congratulation for step in WWFF award’s line
    Sorry for delay!
    As award manager I am responsible for issue that award
    In next future you can ask about any question regarding award directly. I will be happy to supply full info. My email address is on award confirmation, if you look for.
    Have a nice day!
    Pit, YO3JW


    As both award managers have provided ample documentation to show both requests have been resolved, to include giving direct access to each via e-mail for any other follow-up needed, I am closing this thread as resolved. Thanks to all for your support of the WWFF initiative.

    73/44 de Jeff – KB3ZUK
    NA Representative

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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