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    I do have a lots of different erros in my uploaded logs. Mainly typo/reading errors but also date, time and mode errors.

    I have created an adi file with all the errors/corrections.
    Can is send this to you instead of typing every error here ?

    73 and 44

    Manfred Meier

    Hello Peter, no, then we have a lot of dupes inside. For example if you have an error in a P2P call and you enter now additional the same time for a different call with the same P2P what will happen? You made two contacts at once.

    No, generally I would refer to the article which Andrew already wrote long time ago

    Log Accuracy

    Operators needs to take more care on the correctness of the logs. It is not important to be from one area in the next and send in the logs in record time, it is more important to have intensive look that the logs are error free.

    So the only thing is that you send me a list with the errors and when time is, I will change it position by position.

    You have to be aware that changing a call is not only a change in one field, there are changes in three different fields required.
    Same with changing a mode require updates in two fields.

    So when somebody is sending me a list with 20 log-errors this costs me mostly more than 1 hour work, just to state this here.
    So send me the list to my mail-address and I will have a look.
    Manfred DF6EX

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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