Incomplete Log: #00145677 ; How to add the missing log #2 ?

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    Hello Manfred,
    Sorrily there is an Error in the last uploaded Log :
    #00145677 24/05/2023 14/05/2023 HBFF-0130 HB0/PE5TT/P 286 PE5TT @ HBFF-0130 20230514.ADI
    As you may read in the following message by Lars PH0NO, copied here, the uploaded one is missing other two operator’s QSO with the same Station_Callsign.
    The log enclosed in that message is named PE5TT@HBFF-0130_20230614_2.ADI .
    A question: should this issue be handled as an Error-in-log, or may I simply upload it as log #2 with name corrected to ” PE5TT @ HBFF-0130 20230514-2.adi “?
    Please let me know : if so I’ll upload it directly; otherwise is to you to correct it, sorrily.
    I post this on the Forum, but there I do not know how to enclose the missing log part#2 ; so I also send you this as an email message enclosiong the missing log. 73 44, Augusto HB9TZA
    Msg from Lars:
    … Checking the uploaded files I saw one peculiar thing with the last log (130). The number of QSOs was too low.
    Comparing the adif log file with the logbook I saw I made a mistake with exporting only the QSOs I made (operator PH0NO). …. So please find attached part 2 for HBFF-0130 with operators Marcel & Marcel (no dupes, only the missing QSOs). …

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    Manfred Meier

    Hi Augusto, as discussed in sep. mail, when there are no dupes in the 2nd log proceed with the upload

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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