Incorrect park number

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    FILE NAME: vk4ffab@vkff-1643-08112018.adi


    should be


    28 VKFF-0722 Goomboorian National Park OC / VK (VK-QLD) 1 17 17 [QSO quorum not achieved]
    29 VKFF-0732 Goomboorian (Recovery) National Park OC / VK (VK-QLD) 1 14 14 [Not in WWFF Directory]

    27 VKFF-0719 Lockyer National Park OC / VK (VK-QLD) 2 51 32 [Valid for WWFF]
    30 VKFF-0734 Lockyer (Recovery) National Park OC / VK (VK-QLD) 3 86 68 [Not in WWFF Directory]

    Both of these recovery national parks have been merged into the main national park. Also, the last activation in VKFF-0734 was after the merge was done and those qso’s s belong in VKFF-0719.

    I tried to get this fixed a couple years ago and never heard back about what was happening.

    Manfred Meier

    it is clear that the VKFF-1216 should be converted to VKFF-1643

    but the other thing is a bit confusing for me,

    so please let me know

    VKFF-0722 should be VKFF-0734 right?
    VKFF-0719 should be VKFF-0734 right?

    Cause you are writing the QSO belong to VKFF-0719, so what 734 or 719

    excuse me but with the always high amount of changes I need short and precise informations.
    So please let me know, Manfred


    VKFF-0732 should be VKFF-0722
    VKFF-0734 should be VKFF-0719



    Manfred Meier

    all three changes done, 73

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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