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    Georgi (LZ2OQ)

    ,,Nature park Vitosha – 90 years,, – award – RULES
    Vitosha is the first Nature park in Bulgaria!
    By Decree No. 15422 of October 27, 1934 (SG, No. 178 of 1934) of the Ministry of National Economy on an area of 6,410 ha
    declare a high-security perimeter and a national park with the reserves in it, the forests and meadows in the Vitosha mountain.
    Since 1936, Vitosha has been called People’s Park.
    With Order No. RD-349 of 14.07.2000 of the Ministry of Education and Culture (SG, No. 66 of 2000), the Vitosha National Park was recategorized into a Nature Park.
    Vitosha Nature Park is included in the European ecological network “Natura 2000” as a protected area under both directives – for birds and habitats.

    1. The Bulgarian Amateur Radio Club LZFFC / LZ Flora and Fauna Club / publishes this diploma for established / listened / QSOs with nature park Vitosha!
    The award will be issued to all licensed radio amateurs and listeners from around the world.
    Hunters / listeners are required to established / listened QSOs with references from Nature park Vitosha
    throughout the entire 2024 (01.01-31.12.2024) as follows:
    1/ For European stations – 4 QSOs/SWL reports
    2/ For DX stations – 2 QSOs/SWL reports

    Valid references: LZFF-0006, LZFF-0029, LZFF-0067, LZFF-0664, LZFF-1090

    Repeat QSOs with the same reference are counted on different days with the same activator or with different activators on the same day.
    Multiple contacts with one activator in one reference on the same day of different bands or modes will count as one QSOs!

    Valid QSO – only uploaded on WWFF.CO

    Send your request until 31.01.2025! Please write in QSO the working reference. Request format – txt,
    doc, xls, docx.
    The awards will be issued free of charge as a high-resolution JPG file for print purposes to your
    Please send your applications to manager LZ2OQ by E-MAIL: lz2oq.georgi@gmail.com
    Please write the following data in the request – Station worked/listened, date, time in UTC,
    worked / listened reference, correspondent of the listened station (for SWL only).

    Chairman of LZFFC – LZ2JR Award manager – LZ2OQ

    Georgi (LZ2OQ)

    Please forgive me for the mistake – the LZFF-0664 reference should be read LZFF-0644!

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