Sorting out 4OFF references

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    Hi Andrew,

    Is it possible to sort out 4OFF Directory and Logsearch?

    What we have now there is 20 references and that is OK.

    What is bothering me — and I believe it is confusing to both activators and hunters — is status of other 33 references. They are now “deleted”.

    However, some of them are redundant (already placed among 20 active references, i.e. 4OFF-0006 and 4OFF-0053), and most of them (if not all!) are in comply with our national Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    I sorted first 20 references to be in accordance with EPA’s list. Currently, there are 68 references on national list (all IUCN categorized) and my idea is that during the time we should add new references and expand current 4OFF directory.

    So, is it possible to clean those “deleted” references, starting with 4OFF-0021, ending with 4OFF-0053.

    Total 33 references, zero QSOs, none of them was ever activated.

    Dragan, 4O4A

    Andrew M0YMA

    This is noted… I will discuss with the Team


    It’s first 4O4A’s responsabillity, second Luciano

    So for me those refs can be deleted (and cleaned up) defenitly and let 4O4A work out for the new ones to add in the future, starting with number 0021

    Andrew M0YMA


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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