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    I need to have times for the last 17 QSO in log VEFF-0821, Log ID# 130319, Lockston Path Provincial Park corrected. What is the correct/best way to forward the changes Manfred?
    My computer seems to have had a fit and altered the times and I did not notice the error.
    I can “snip” the q’s with correct times and send via e-mail?
    Tnx and sorry for the error.

    Manfred Meier

    yes, send it via mail, or you can post it also here, then I will change it manually


    Log VEFF-0821. Log ID#130319. Correct time per list below.
    OM5DP, time should be 140232. IZ1JMN time 140340
    KE4BVP TIME 140403, DK4RM TIME 140430, EA1BUL TIME 140450
    IW2BNA TIME 140516, N4BUN TIME 140621, IK5EKB TIME 140547
    KO4CBI TIME 140704, KI0B TIME 140743, ON4ON TIME 140813
    EA3IM TIME 140844, IW1FZR TIME 140911, IZ2GAF TIME 140937
    RM2A TIME 141007, EA3EVL TIME 141040, VE9GLF TIME 142019.
    Sorry for the trouble Manfred. Appreciate getting it fixed.
    Tnx & 73

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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