Uploading log refused by non existing Hunter Ref (UTFF-2081)

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    We of HBFF, on our last activation from OE, had QSO with UT0VE/P giving us (for P2P) ref. UTFF-2081. We put it into the sig_info adif field as usual.
    When the OEFF national award manager went to upload the adif log, at the Pass 1 logsearch detected and alerted of the error
    “—> invalid hunter reference UTFF-2081 ,”
    then warned to correct the file and resubmit.
    Then gave “[error] logfile not uploaded” .
    Other times, when it found a wrong QSO, it refused only that QSO and uploaded the others; so I had only to correct the QSO and then re-upload a smaller log with that call QSO.
    Has something changed, or it has uploaded all the QSOs except the wrong P2P reference one? What should I do?
    I guess simply empty the SIG and MY_SIG fields for that QSO, as not being with an WWFF Reference, OK?
    Then we have to re-upload the WHOLE log, or simply a single QSO log as I did in the past for wrong /not valid QSOs???
    Thanks, 73 44 de Augusto HB9TZA
    HBFF Team

    Andrew M0YMA

    Hello Augusto

    A recent update to LogUpload introduces a two-pass checking process…

    Previously, each QSO was processed individually, and if there was a problem, it (and only it) was not uploaded. This created a lot of work for coordinators, as they had to find which QSO was missing and correct it (in a separate log) – or as was quite common, just ignore the QSO so the Hunter did not get credit.

    With the two-pass upload, major errors are trapped first, allowing the coordinator to correct the log before submission… this means that the whole activation gets uploaded as a single log – it also means less work for the coordinators (and more importantly, IMHO, less work for me, when I get asked to do correction!)


    Thank you Andrew for the prompt answer!
    I supposed such behaviour, so I correct that QSO erasing the P2P data, and it becomes a normal qso.
    Also Luciano I5FLN confirmed that such References are non valid for WWFF, so it’s all simply clear now.
    I’ve sent ther corrected log to the OEFF Coordinator, Rainer OE3RGB, se he will be able to upload it.
    Thanks for your fine job Andrew, and your valkid help.
    73 es 44 de Augusto HB9TZA
    (soon 5R8JR , 5RFF too)


    HI, I edited the above answer to correct some error; it does it, then antrispam ask me the sum of two numbers, then … all remain with errors as before. I did corrections two times, not ok.
    just for your info, 73 es 44
    Augusto HB9TZA I2JJR

    Andrew M0YMA

    Got to the bottom of this… UTFF is a URFF add-on program – it is not recognised by WWFF.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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