VK2BYF @ VKFF-2712 2022 10 11 & 12

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    The hunter complained with
    “VK2BFY (op: VK2VAR) VKFF-2712 remains with a RED X on it. The
    (op: VK2VAR) needs to be dropped entirely & 20M changed to 40M”.

    We were working this rare park together.
    Colin, VK2VAR, working with the club call VK2HQ
    VK2BYF, working as myself. I forgot to log this call and later copied the contact from the log of VK2HQ. I accidentally hit the clear button and deleted the contact with VK4FDJL.
    The microphone was handed from one operator to the other.
    Sorry about the mess. The hunter needs this rare hard to get to park.
    Thanks VK2BYF Bob

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