wrong call due log n1mm repair

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    I encoouter a problem with a last log when uploading to Lofsearch ….i found that was labeled bad by the sender/owner .. so checked and renamed properly as shoud be nanmed as “call@fererence+ date” in..adif as many logs before ..but still have problem to upload to Logsearch…so I wasa try tosee and reparir the log by inporting the log into n1mm log program,check it and than export the log named as shoud must be named…all fine ..the log was acepted and uploaded…but here I make my mistake… I didnt realise till i see it on logserach after the log was upoaded…. when i rename and reexport the log file from my pc using n1mm loging program ..but the program on my PC is registred on my call so the file “s51ru@s5ff-0018 20211029 ” was created as mine with my call into the file and is displayed on Logsearch sa mine… ….and there is the problem… I send a message to Marjan S51ru to resend his log and tell him a proper procedure so will be genuine ..an ok… all datas in both logs are the same identical ..just in the uploaded log was after repar an exporting from n1mm insreted automaticly my call as log n1mm registred on me…I frogot that..in atempt to repair his log…. ….so log is owner is s51ru log was named s51ru@s5ff-0018 0211029 pelase delete the prevuis log and replace with lthis one….or corect same log same datas…just owner is s51ru woerked with spec call S5130RU/p sorry for inconvenience and problems causd…….Im new and I still lerning ….
    the log was s51ru@s5ff-0018 20211029
    Thanks for help….

    best 73 44
    S55G Mike

    Manfred Meier

    stationcall was changed to S5130RU/p
    stationbasecall to S51RU and operatorcall to S51RU

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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