wwff_directory.csv empty?

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    Michael (DG3NAB)


    I am using the downloaded file https://wwff.co/wwff-data/wwff_directory.csv for importing into my logbook program.

    Since yesterday, the file is empty (0 bytes).

    Is this a temporary issue or has the file location changed to somewhere else?

    vy 73,
    Michael (DG3NAB)

    Andrew M0YMA

    Hi Michael…

    Yes – my fault. I modded the script to provide some additional data, and broke the MySQL when I copy/pasted the new script to the server.

    It should be right tonight.

    Michael (DG3NAB)

    Thank you, Andrew!

    Michael (DG3NAB)

    Hi Andrew,

    in the meantime, the CSV file does have content again.

    However, it seems that the content is not complete?

    The old file was 533 kB in size, the current one has only 304 kB. It is missing many references, like e.g. 1SFF-0001.

    Are you aware of this issue?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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