Abuse of WWFF reference numbering

WWFF is aware of the abuse of the WWFF reference numbering. In some countries a parallel program is setup using the WWFF numbering, even adding reference numbers that are NOT WWFF valid !

As a reminder, the valid WWFF references are in The WWFF directory. If you doubt about a reference, just check the directory. The code behind the WWFF directory is changed in that way that it’s real time up-to-date.

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Changes within GxFF

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Carl 2E0HPI as the new GxFF Coordinator, replacing Andrew M0YMA.

Thank you Carl for taking on this role.

The GxFF program covers:

  • the United Kingdom (G, GI, GM and GW)
  • the Crown Dependencies (GD, GJ and GU)
  • the British Overseas Territories (VP2, VP5, VP6, VP8, VP9, ZB2, ZD and ZF).

Carl, together with Adie M0PAI, have a number of ideas for developing the GxFF program, and a refreshed GxFF website will be launched in due course.

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Logseach Update – November 2017

The first update for November has just been released, featuring:

  • The next steps for a number of awards:

    • P2P (Park-To-Park) (level 644)
    • HBFF-A/H (100 references)
    • LAFF-A/H (10 references)
    • LUFF-A/H (12 references for South American stations, 6 references for DX)
    • Z3FF-A/H (10 references)
  • The support of the new program: CXFF
  • Some minor tweaks and fixes.


I am more than happy to add new awards (both National and Special) but please:

  1. Discuss the qualification with me before hand – what may appear a simple qualification may not be so easy to code!
  2. Give me more than a couple of day’s notice!

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

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Expressions of interest sought

Expressions of interest are sought for the position of African Continental Representative.

Continental reps are elected members of the WWFF Committee.  Their role is to represent the various National co-ordinators within their particular region.

Please reply via email to Paul VK5PAS at vk5pas@wia.org.au and Danny ON4VT at danny@on4vt.be

Nominations close by 0000 UTC Monday 9th November 2017.

Following nominations, an election for this position will be undertaken.


Danny ON4VT

WWFF Deputy Chairperson

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LZ2HT/p in LZFF-0135

6ts September 2017. After really short drive I arrived to LZFF-0135 Dolni Bogrov – Kazichene which is situated next to Ring road of Sofia and close to Sofia Airport. So this was 2-in-1 activation – LZFF and LZ Air Field Award (if you are interested visit http://www.iafa.su). Conditions varied from excellent to nil, but finally I made 110 QSOs, including 3 P2P.

FT-857 in the car, SPX-300 mounted on the car roof and my favorite – SOTAbeams Linked dipole for 20/40 meters

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LZ2HT/p in LZFF-0115

3rd September. After sleep in a motel in Gorni Dabnik and good cup of coffee I departed to my next goal – LZFF-0115 Studenets. Unfortunatelly Gods and CONDX were not fair with me – only 79 QSOs (1 P2P) until afternoon.

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