More and more errors in logs with P2P-entries

Just uploaded 57 logs and had errors with 4 out of them. If you enter a P2P-point you should check that the entry is correct and of course there are more and more illegal activities. Each Z6FF- is actually invalid as there is no valid area yet.
You can find the valid list under the entry WWFF-directory.
There are often manual entries of P2P-points which has the wrong tag-length. All WWFF-reference has a four-digit-number.

If your log contain just one invalid P2P-point the whole log will not be uploaded. So the log-manager has to send it back to you for correction.
73, Manfred DF6EX WWFF-log-manager

The voices from bygone times of dimly remembered world



Please be informed that the FF-activity of R25RFF call sign, scheduled for June 23 – July 5 — has nothing to do with RFF by WWFF. The announced “new one” RFF-200 and RFF-211 references are not valid for WWFF and RFF by WWFF, and references RFF-099 and RFF-067, even though they correspond to WWFF Directory, highly likely will not be credited for WWFF also.

The above-mentioned activity of R25RFF is held in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Russian Robinson Club (RRC), who was the initiator of the Flora and Fauna movement in amateur radio, but abandoned their award program, at least about 5 years ago. QSO with R25RFF are valid only for anniversary RRC awards. For more information, contact the RRC directly.

The activity of RZ9SFF in the same period from the RFF-446 reference is announced under the WFF (not WWFF) program, therefore, highly likely it will not be credited for WWFF as well.

73! RN3ANT, national RFF coordinator.

“Russian Flora and Fauna” award program


, ,

On the eve of “IARU Region 1 HF Field Day” we have published “Russian Flora and Fauna” award program.
Read, comment, evaluate and take aim, please.

Awards of the WWFF series can be applied, we hope, in the coming weeks, awards of “Sanctuary Russia» series… when you can accomplish it 😉
Images of the award samples will be published after June.

Sorry, human translation to English will be published in July, up to that time use Google Translate, please.

73 & 44! Vit, RN3ANT

To All Hunters

My Activation Yesterday Sunday the 25th the Ref. # was wrong reported at the WWFF Spot.

Was  reported as 0229 the correct Ref. # is FFF-2290!!!!

Thanks to all Hunters

Vy 73/¤¤


OZ3FI/Finn (F/OZ3FI/P)


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