Logsearch Update – December 2018

As all has been quiet since August, the December 2018 update (v0.0.4) has just been released…

The headline is the addition of new awards and award-levels, together with a number of framework updates to support ongoing work.

In particular, attempts to detect problems that prevent (potential) P2P confirmations will be ongoing.

Issues Addressed

This addresses the following GitLab issues:

  • Issue #00005 – P2P Confirmation Error flag (*)
    • Enhancements to moding introduced at v0.0.3
  • Issue #00010 – FFF awards
    • New level (50) added for both Hunters and Activators
  • Issue #00011 – Directory DXCCs
    • All outstanding DXCCs added to Directory drop-down
  • Issue #00012 – 4OFF Award
    • Added at entry level – 3 for Activators and 5 for Hunters
  • Issue #00013 – OHFF Award
    • New level (300) added for both Hunters and Activators

(*) = Framework for ongoing development

Open Issues can be found in the GitLab Issue Tracker.

Personal Note

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments! This is particularly the case as I’ve recently started a new job which means I’m on the road a lot!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

Log Accuracy

Can I remind all Activators and National Coordinators to please CHECK YOUR LOGS before uploading them to Logsearch.

I fully accept that mistakes will be made with transcribing or entering individual QSOs, and corrections can be made.  However, there is no excuse for any of the following:

  • Station Callsign
  • Operator Callsign
  • Activation Date
  • Activation Reference

These simply need the Activator to do a sanity-check before submitting to the National Coordinator, and for the NC to do a very quick check before uploading.

Activations of HBFF, Swiss and Liechtenstein Parks Awards, and WWFF Rules

The WWFF Rules are generally intended for WWFF , for World Wide activities, but are of course superseeded by National Awards Rules, where there are.

This, although clearly stated in the WWFF Rules at 2.1 (In countries where a National WWFF program exists, then any existing National rules take priority over the global rules) is very often not known by activators going in other countries.

So it may happen that operators coming from countries where the Activation requirements are different, believe honestly that they may do activities in other countries following their country rules. This is not exactly so!  The same is for the Awards: he must follow the local rules, as recalled also by the above stated point 2.1 of the WWFF Global Rules.

Our HBFF Switzerland and Liechtenstein Flora Fauna difference.

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P2P Conversions – Request for Corrections

Previously, I’d reported that had added some monitoring to the P2P confirmation process.  This now appears to be stable-enough and correct-enough to use!

I have generated a PDF document, containing 1,556 non-confirmations!

Please check this file for your callsign(s) and post any corrections to the appropriate thread on the forum – please follow the instructions there, to help the team!

P2P non-confirmations 2018-09-22

RFF-0175 Solovki on air


, , ,

Solovetsky Kremlin

Solovetsky Monastery Kremlin on sunset

Dima UA1OLM is QRV as RK1OWA/p from RFF-0175 Solovetskiy museum-zapovednik on Solovetsky Islands (IOTA EU-066) in spare time on his business trip until the end of September. Paper QSL via RZ1OA.

Most likely, he is announcing on air the only IOTA activity, but we will upload his logs to WWFF Logsearch after completing of the trip.
If you meet, spot him as WWFF for our community.

73! RFF Team

Hard-to-reach and rare RFF-0015 is coming soon.


, , ,

RFF-0015, hard-to-reach rare Bolshoy Arkticheskiy zapovednik is coming soon!

“Apostol Andrey” Yacht in the Arkhangelsk port water area.

As you know, a high-latitude sea expedition to the islands in the Kara Sea was started from Arkhangelsk (White Sea, R1O) in late August. On the “Apostol Andrey” yacht — an experienced captain, on board — a serious team of radio amateurs. Expedition plans, among other things, include working in the air as RI0B from several groups of Arctic islands: IOTA AS-054, AS-121, AS-104, AS-068, AS-087, AS-005.

All of these islands are part of the Bolshoy Arkticheskiy zapovednik (Great Arctic Nature Reserve) RFF-0015. This Nature Reserve was on air at the last time in 2010. Will it sound on the radio amateur air somewhen else in future — it is unknown.

Now the expedition is very close (4-5 days) to start RI0B activity from the most distant island.

RI0B operators will announce RFF-0015 reference number on air, it will be indicated on the QSL-card too. And we will upload the log of the expedition to WWFF LogSearch after the completion of the expedition and the safe return of all participants home.

We wish to all of you to conduct successful QSOs with new islands and a rare Nature Reserve! Besides that, this is also a good chance to catch up a still rare entity and Federal District for “Sanctuary Russia” Award and rare district for RDA.

73 & 44! RFF Team

More info:


(the photo is taken from the expedition web site)

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