Elections 2018 : candidates wanted !

The yearly WWFF elections are coming up.

Following positions will be electable by the WWFF-team :

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-chairperson



Following positions will be electable by the Country Coordinators :

  • NA-coordinator
  • EU-coordinator
  • AS-coordinator
  • SA-coordinator
  • AF-coordinator
  • OC-coordinator

If you’re candidate for one of the above positions, please mail to the chairman OZ7AEI mail@oz7aei.dk

This request for candidates will be closed on 20 january 2018 at 10:00 UTC

From now on the WWFF will use the terms “General Rules” and “WWFF-team” for respectively the “Constitution” and “Committee”


New annual DLFF award


Announcement: Annual DLFF Hunter Award

German Amateur-Radio-Club e.V., Ortsverband Syke, 125, issues the „Annual DLFF Hunter Award“ which can be apllied for in a one-year-cycle by radio amateurs.

Only contacts that are listed in the DLFF-database are counted. All officially recognised DLFF references are possible, but only once a year.

The diploma shows the current year, earliest possible issue is 2018. It is issued in degrees counting 50 references each, starting at 50. All references within one calendar year are counted.

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New KFF-coordinator and KFF-team




With pleasure we’re presenting the new KFF-coordinator AE4RM, Roger Meadows. Roger will promote and coordinate all WWFF/KFF actions in the USA.



Roger will be assisted by this KFF team :

KA9JAC – Logmanager (assisted by local log uploaders)
N9MM – Awards Manager
KA2LHO – Refs Manager


Regional KFF log-uploaders :
0 – NU0C – Jim Shorney
1 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
2 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
3 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
4 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
5 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
6 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
7 – NU0C – Jim Shorney
8 – AC8RH – Gene Bunner
9 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer


All info about KFF you can find on the brandnew website  https://wwffkff.wordpress.com


WWFF likes to wish Roger and his team good luck with the new job !


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