OHFF-0229 Sorsasalo Nature Reserve Area

I made some modifications to kids snowsled. I needed some help to transport 12V battery and supplies to woods. We, my wife and I, like to move with snowshoes so ”2 flies with one hit”. We walk to Sorsasalo Nature Reserve area, OHFF-0229, with snowshoes. After one kilometer walk in forest wife’s snowshoe broken. It took some time to fix it. I was on the air later as I planned but no problem. Propagation was nice and I got 54 phone QSOs on 20m to Europe with 30W . FT-897 handle mild frost nice. There was only -7C. This was the second activation as I used 20m/40m link dipole. Antenna was inv-v position and top was about 9,5m high. What is positive in winter activations? Not so much mosquitos … 73 44 Timo OF7JHA/p