Denise and I got up at 6.30am to walk our dog before having breakfast and setting out for Dunwich on the Suffolk coast.

Dingle Marshes is on the edge of the village and has a large car park so not too far to walk.

Our stations are very minimal both being QRP operators ad consist of Elecraft KX2’s with 2.5Ah Lypo batteries, a couple of camping chairs, a couple of 10m poles one for the half wave end fed vertical (with a 1m extension to the pole) and the other for the link dipole for the 40/20m inverted V.

We set out in wet conditions not looking forward to sitting in the rain but during the 1hr drive the weather improved and the sun came out.

After setting up we were both on air by 10am UTC Denise on 40m and me on 20m.

at first 20 was manic and I worked 40 stations in the first 30 minutes but then conditions changed and things slowed right down with me eventually making 65 contacts before going QRT to head home at 12.00 UTC.

Denise had a more steady time on 40 with more stable conditions though not quite so good as the early burst on 20 she managed 70 contacts in the same time.

73 44 Denise & Michael