of attitude for specially protected natural areas demonstrates the RO3M team, which will be active since 10 UTC of August 28 until 12 UTC of August 30 from the Levashovsky zakaznik  (natural reserve), RFF-0994 (ATNO!) on 160–10 m and 2 m CW and SSB.

Transceivers FT-950, IC-746, FT-991 and Flex 6200, an ACOM-1000 power amplifier will be used, antennas Inverted Vee for 160–80–40–30 M bands and Spiderbeam for 20–17–15–12–10 M bands will be deployed.

QSOs with RO3M/p during this period are also valid for:
– RRNA: Knyaginya river R-46-0090;
– RAFA: Levashovo airfield HA2Q;
– RDA: Nekrasovsky district YR-20.

A free commemorative mini-pennant will be mailed free of charge for 5 QSOs with RO3M/p (QSOs on different bands or different modes). Send your GCR and mailing address to rv3mp (at) mail.ru

But what is the “great example”? Great example is in the fact that the RO3M team will clean from garbage area within a radius of 500 m from its location, for which they are prepared 100 garbage bags.