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Next weekend PAFF will host a WWFF activity weekend. The same weekend a number of new references will be added to the PAFF program.

The activity runs on Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10. All QSOs count towards the regular PAFF and WWFF awards but we will make a special award available for chasers of this activity weekend. There will be three levels for the chasers: gold, silver and bronze. We will have a separate category for EU and DX chasers.

Points for these awards can be collected by working a participating activator at a PAFF location (5 points for each new combination) and revisiting that activator on other bands or modes (2 points for each new band or mode). The top 5% in both categories (EU and DX) will receive a gold award. Silver will be offered for scores in the top 5-10% while the top 10-20% will receive a bronze award.

The participants and their plans can be found on the PAFF website (in Dutch): PAFF activity weekend

Weather forecast is not brilliant but we are looking forward to a lot of activity.