Reply To: Looking for coordinator EAFF


Hello Mill, the WWFF leaders have already taken letters on the matter, on January 21, 2017 I wrote …

“It will stop uploading photos and videos of activities.
The EAFF will continue to operate under minimal degree, will continue taking comprehensive control of each and every one of the activities but internally, with the sole purpose of transferring all that information to a possible new coordinator EAFF. From the day February 1, 2017 we continue validating activities based on the photos and / or videos provided but such photos and / or videos will not be published. The logs will still be up to the international web of WWFF.”

They have decided the following:

Starting from 1 February the EAFF web will close down. All further EAFF logs should be addressed to WWFF Operations Approval Manager, until a new EAFF co-ordinator is installed.

Vacancy EAFF- Co-ordinator


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