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    For the global activation award, you need to have 44 Qs per activation. My question is why 44? Yes, you can combine one log over several activations to reach the required Q count (44), but that seems like a rather iffy proposition country-to-country. I’m thinking specifically of my recent activation of Sesquicentennial State Park in South Carolina – I was there for the required two hours, but only achieved 13 Qs – which gives credit to the Hunters, but not to the activator. So I got credit from the US WWFF group for that activation, but not for the world wide parent group. It would seem to me that it would make more sense to have a base Q count for the entire program rather than one specifically tailored to the US and one tailored for international.

    I realize I’m new to the process and this has probably been discussed before, but if you are allowed to enter multiple activations of one WWFF Unit for one single log, then wouldn’t it also make sense to have a cumulative process for logs that don’t make the required 44 Qs post submission? For example, if I upload a log for KFF-2913 (Sesquicentennial) which has 13 Qs and return in a week for another 31 Qs, isn’t that, in effect, the same as keeping the log, then uploading it? Yes/No?

    Anyway, I’m enjoying the heck out of WWFF – its a fun program and I hope to become more and more active as time goes on – forwards and onwards as they say. And thanks to Danny, ON4VT for introducing me to this. Very best regards, Tom – W1TEF

    Luciano (I5FLN)

    Hi Tom,

    actually rules says that for validation into WWFF for a references it is 44 qsos. You can reach 44 also with a second e/p a thrid activity till you get the totals.

    73’s es regards, Luciano I5FLN

    Andrew M0YMA

    Hi Tom

    Just to confirm what Luciano says, the 44 QSO quorum can be achieved over multiple activation attempts.


    Lars (PH0NO)

    Hi Tom,

    Good to see you found your way to WWFF.
    There are a couple of questions in your post. One has already been addressed by Luciano – credit is given once you reach 44 regardless of how many logs you used.
    Why 44? Well, this has indeed been debated before. National programs use(d) different thresholds aimed at giving chasers a fair chance to work an expedition. In the end 44 was chosen as default for WWFF as it is the program’s magic number.
    Why are there differences between programs? WWFF was initiated by a number of national FF programs. These programs had some differences in their award rules. A lot have been homogenized but the threshold for the activator award is one that differs. So WWFF is a cooperation of a large number of national programs that have agreed to disagree on that particular item.

    Hope this answers your questions. Have fun /P.

    73, Lars / PH0NO


    Thanks guys – I really appreciate the answers. I’ve getting more and more involved with WWFF as NPOTA winds down – also SOTA and USI all of which, as it turns out, have a lot of common so that will be a plus. Thanks again. Best regards,
    de Tom, W1TEF

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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