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    Hallo Andrew,
    I appreciated your Note ” Confirming and sendiong LOG” but a doubt arose rwading it. You wrote<:
    Q: How should I name the log file?
    A: {callsign} @ {reference} {date}.{extension}
    {callsign} is the callsign used
    Note: use hyphens ‘-‘ in place of the slashes ‘/’
    … omissis …
    eg: M0YMA-P @ GFF-0354 20191209.ADI
    I named them until now as callsign@reference_date.extension
    Now I see that there are spaces, hence my doubs:
    so i.e. HB9TZA@HBFF-0123_20210805.adi
    should become HB9TZA @ HBFF-0123 202120805.ADI
    with all these spaces ????

    Please confirm if I have correctly understood; I am ready to change the names of the future logs, but I weould like to have a confirm that these spaces are correct; personally I find them odd, hi.
    I will also fwd your note above to our HB Activators, as some of them criticize a lot the need of some info field in adif.

    Many many thanks again, Andrew; 73 44 es FB!
    Augusto, HB9TZA / I2JJR
    WWFF N.C. for HB

    Peter VK3ZPF

    I too have seen strange behavior regarding log file names.

    Yesterday Logsearch said it was rejecting a log file due to a name issue, despite the name meeting the name convention {callsign} @ {reference} {date}.{extension} but the file was still accepted for upload on the QSOs were added to Logsearch.

    VK port-a-log names the file as {callsign}@{reference}_{yyyymmdd}.adi
    e.g. VK3ZPF@VKFF-2224_20200111.adi which, up until recently, have passed the Logsearch upload process without warning.

    Please advise if the {callsign}@{reference}_{yyyymmdd}.adi is no longer acceptable.

    Peter VK3ZPF
    VK port-a-log author

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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