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    Hello Andrew,
    Sorry I have to ask you an nformation because of problems on issuing the next HBFF Awards.

    I have not a complete list of HBFF released Awards; that is, at what number of issue a certain HBFF is arrived, so that we may set the number of the next release.
    As an example, we may see that the last HBFF-H-200 had the number 015; so we will issue the next HBFF-H-200 with the number 016 .

    Maybe in your databases is available a list of the released Awards, and their number? It could be very useful for me, as it is problematic to find such a corrected list in other ways.
    I tried to build it again looking for the approved awards mails, but it has not proven to be valid! I suppose many messages are lost.

    May you give me such an Information? Many many thanks, Andrew!
    73 44,

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