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    I read the following information on the WWFF website, how I see that the comments are closed I express my opinion here

    “To simplify the name for further promotion in the United States, we have decided to add POTA to our name. This does not affect the relationship with WWFF and KFF in any way, or it’s continued success in the World Wide Flora and Fauna program. Since most Americans are already familiar with the “OTAs” (SOTA, IOTA, NPOTA etc.) it only makes sense to carry on this tradition.”

    I find it very bad.

    This fact even though it may seem somewhat minor can be a serious problem in the future.

    The other countries may also have their own traditions, are we willing to have any of the national programs change their name? If one of the national programs that compose it has changed its name, I do not see why the rest can not do it.

    The KFF program is relatively young in WWFF, why has this concession been allowed?, are we willing to lose our identitarian acronym for a simple fact of expansion?

    Andrew M0YMA

    I’m not so sure its a new concession… for example CTFF was known as DPRN until recently.

    Furthermore, the recent successes of KFF have been directly linked to the NPOTA event this year – which our new KFF coordinator has successfully hooked onto.

    That said, I agree that we need to maintain the FF thread, so this needs to be watched with caution. All IMHO.


    I haven’t “changed” the name at all. It’s still known as WWFF-KFF. We have decided to augment the name (that’s why I stated add) it with POTA. As I stated, this is for familiarity for Americans, and does NOT affect the relationship to WWFF in any way, shape, or form. I am trying to understand why you feel that this is somehow negative? Yes WWFF-KFF is young, and the ONLY way to get it to grow is to be open to member’s needs/advice to a point. The program has had a ton of growth the past few months, and I will do everything in my power to continue to make it successful.

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