Strange behaviour with GMA Log uploading

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    We had a chain of errors that ended in a partly-wrong upload.
    Apart from the log correction, for whic I’ll write another message, it seems to me it may be an useful feedback for the log uploading, may be … I do not know, so I write: if unuseful, a few minutes are gone, but if useful, maybe iy will better something.
    It is so: I had a strange Log from an activator, made with GMA logger. It was ” FileName.adi.txt ” and it was opened as text, of course, instead than of adif editor. Apart from strange non adif field names, made doubles (e.g., <MY_WFF:9>HBFF-0036<MY_WFF:9>HBFF-0036 ) it seemed OK. Saved as FileName.adi it was opened ok by ADIFmaster that checked it adif-compliant.
    Hand corrected with the right data fields, it seemed OK. Uploaded it, on automatic as I do usually, it worked and uploaded it giveng me OK.

    There was an ERROR in the file, that Activator, me, and others that check and approve the activation, we all have not seen.

    I guess it could have been filtered by WWFF UpLoad, by what I remember about it and how it does; but no, it was not.

    Here is what the error is: there was nested into this log a smaller log of another Reference.
    Both merged logs gave the right fields MY_SIG and MY_SIG_INFO for the TWO different references.

    I suppose, from what I have read, if I remember well, that the upload read / checks these fields to look for the reference; if so, it should have refused the log.
    Or does it only get the Info from the log name ??? (I always mname it as required, i.e., mycall@Reference_yearmonthday)

    The Log is of course available on request, if needed.
    I am sorry for the error in Upload, but hope this feedback may be of some utility.

    As I wrote before, I’ll post another message for the log correction.
    73 44, keep the ufb work you al, do!
    Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

    Manfred Meier

    can you send me the original mail and the name of the log?


    Hello Manfred, what original mail do you mean?
    I will send you by email the original log, as it arrived to me, containing the two references with the wrong field name as per GMA, and the log I have uploaded, that is, the same log corrected from me with the right adif field names and containing both references in the MY_SIG_INFO field. I will also send you the corrected loadable logs, that is, the same log divided into two, one for each reference.
    Is it OK for you?
    Please let me know if the logs are corrected OK .
    Many many thanks, 73 44

    Manfred Meier

    Augusto, as written in the other message the HBFF-0068 is deleted you can upload the right one now, so I close this issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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