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    Even looking at the Q&A for applying for an award, I am unable to use any of the button on the slide 3 of 4. Do I not have rights to use this screen and its functionality yet as a new member? I would like to know what continents, states and such, but it just stares back at me

    User name = N7AME

    Thank you

    OZ7AEI / Jakob


    You have to Register to make Award applications.


    Thank you Jacob for the reply, but I think I already am registered member and have an account, N7AME. It appears my profile only allows me a very restricted operation of this website.
    In this menu: “” My Privileges
    Username Site Role WWFF Role Primary Call Other Calls Cont DXCC AA AD MP MA MD UL
    N7AME subscriber, bbp_participant Participant N7AME None NA USA [May apply for awards] [Is NOT a Directory Admin] [Is NOT an Program Manager] [Is NOT an Award Manager] [Is NOT a Directory Manager] [May NOT upload logs]


    I have received two awards already. But how do I look at an award in-progress? I know I need to get several QSO’s of a certain “type” of award but I don’t know what the QSO’s of that “type” I have or are missing that I need to fill in.

    This may be a mute issues because I’m not that hot after award certificates any more but the first one I got there were duplicates and several were not in my log. I was the hunter.
    I have contacted each individual HAM and reconciled the logs.

    The bottom line is that something is missing or I can’t make it work. The FAQ has an example of the screen for awards (3 of 4) and I assumed it would also tell me what I’m missing and already have because it gives me a “0/2″ or 0/5”. I want to know what the 2 or 5 is and nothing so far has worked.

    I’m a button pusher and I expect something (good or bad) to happen. Most of the buttons that give me the Microsoft “finger” do nothing.

    Thank you for your time and since I am not after awards as such, I will continue to hunt and activate parks whenever and work through the area manager here in the Seattle area.



    Hi, John! First off, thanks for your support of the program. We really appreciate your participation. I am the NA Continental Representative. I will be happy to help you navigate any particular issue or award you are looking for that you think you may have qualified or access issue. Keep in mind, since you are hunting, you are relying on activators to properly capture your station information and submit it to the program administrators for credit accordingly. Sometimes, unforftinately true amounts of QSOs made are not fully captured or credited due to this system limitation.

    Please send me an email to: and I will pick up the discussion with you from there as to your particular needs and how I can help. Thanks.
    Very 73 es 44 de Jeff Dahn / KB3ZUK

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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