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    if you send WWFF spots to this cluster, it sends this spots only to the stations, who logged into this cluster.
    All other stations, who are connected to other clusters “lost” these spots, because the WWFF/GMA cluster has no S&F connection to other clusters, it is a data collector only.
    I think, it is not a good idea, to use a standalone cluster only.
    73, 44,


    Hallo Uwe, HNY!
    I wpould also like what you suggest; I normally post a spot BOTH on the WWFF Cluster, than also on DXsummit, so that more Hams are able to see the Spot and it really helps Hunters, as a Cluster was intended to do.
    The GMA has done and do quite a lot of good jobs; so I hope that your suggestion will be appreciated and WWFF Cluster may exchange – or only export, maybe better, – his spots to other Clusters.
    73 44 Uwe, have a nice and good 2021!
    Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR


    Hallo Uwe, and ASll interested into this topic:
    This is my proposal:

    Is there a possibility to modify the WWFF-watch in order tyo let the Spot, posted there, to be forwarded to other loggers, in order to get them to be spreaded more around? Spot are to be of help to the Activators, so why limit them?

    I would propose WWFF Website Managers to ask to GMA, whose courtesy our WWFF watch is, to do this mod, if possible, and let us know the results. Many thanks, 73 44 Augusto HB9TZA

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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