New WWFF Chairman and Vice Chairman

The deadline for incoming candidates ended Saturday January. Two persons was nominated as Chairman and 2 was nominated as Vice Chairman.

The WWFF Team have voted and next :

Chairman is ON4VT / Danny and Vice Chairman is DF6EX / Manfred

Congratulations to both and I wish all the best.

Because of low interest of the continent representative level, the WWFF Team decide to skip it.

I was elected for one year and step down as WWFF Team-member.

TNX for now !!!

Vy 73 de OZ7AEI / Jakob

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Logsearch Update – January 2018

The first update for 2018 has just been released, featuring:

  • Entry level for new awards:
    • 4OFF-A/H (15 references)
    • VEFF-A/H (15 references)
  • The next steps for a number of awards:
    • P2P (Park-To-Park) (level 844)
    • LAFF-A/H (25 references)
    • OMFF-A/H (500 references)
  • Added 2018 to the Year drop-down
  • Some minor tweaks and fixes.


I am more than happy to add new awards (both National and Special) but please:

  1. Discuss the qualification with me before hand – what may appear a simple qualification may not be so easy to code!
  2. Give me more than a couple of day’s notice!

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

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Elections 2018 : candidates wanted !

The yearly WWFF elections are coming up.

Following positions will be electable by the WWFF-team :

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-chairperson



Following positions will be electable by the Country Coordinators :

  • NA-coordinator
  • EU-coordinator
  • AS-coordinator
  • SA-coordinator
  • AF-coordinator
  • OC-coordinator

If you’re candidate for one of the above positions, please mail to the chairman OZ7AEI

This request for candidates will be closed on 20 january 2018 at 10:00 UTC

From now on the WWFF will use the terms “General Rules” and “WWFF-team” for respectively the “Constitution” and “Committee”


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ONFF Winners yearly activator ranking 2017.

In the single operator caterory first 10 receives an award, were in the Multi operator category first 5 receives an activator award.

Congrats to both category winners.

Winner in Multi operator category is ON4WRC/p : operators ON4ON (Danny) & ON5SY (Harvey) & ON7PO (Eddy)


Single operator category winner is ON5SWA, Swa.


ONFF coordinator

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New annual DLFF award


Announcement: Annual DLFF Hunter Award

German Amateur-Radio-Club e.V., Ortsverband Syke, 125, issues the „Annual DLFF Hunter Award“ which can be apllied for in a one-year-cycle by radio amateurs.

Only contacts that are listed in the DLFF-database are counted. All officially recognised DLFF references are possible, but only once a year.

The diploma shows the current year, earliest possible issue is 2018. It is issued in degrees counting 50 references each, starting at 50. All references within one calendar year are counted.

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