Step back

Dear WWFF’ers

I started with good intensions as WWFF chairman. We formed a fantastic WWFF-Team and a great group of Award Processors.

The continious comments and even rude personal attacks of some have hit me in that way that I decide to step back from all my WWFF duties. As a chronic pain patient all this extra stress is affecting my pain issues in a very negative way. As Ham Radio is a HOBBY for me, a way to relax, the only good decission for me is stepping back.

Thanks to the WWFF-Team for the confidence in me. Thanks to all hunters and activators who supported me. I will keep that in mind and try to wipe out the bad memories.

I’m pretty sure I’m disappointing a lot of you. Some others will be happy. That’s life.

I will do again what makes me happy and relax : activating and hunting. Not only WWFF, but also GMA, WCA, SOTA, Lighthouses … I hope to hear you soon on the air !

73 44 Danny ON4VT

Logsearch Update – February 2018

The February 2018 update has just been released, featuring:

  • The next steps for a number of awards:
    • P2P (Park-To-Park) (level 944)
    • LAFF-A/H (30 references)
    • OHFF-A/H (150 references and 200 references)
  • Some minor tweaks and fixes (including non-EU OKFF calculation).

Note: The entry level DXFF-H-10 award is now free of charge… all WWFF Global Awards are now FREE.

Note:  I am more than happy to add new awards (both National and Special) but please:

  1. Discuss the qualification with me before hand – what may appear a simple qualification may not be so easy to code!
  2. Give me more than a couple of day’s notice!

Development of Logsearch has to fit around family and work commitments! This is particularly the case as I start a new job shortly!


Any problems, or new feature requests, via the Help Desk Forum please.

WWFF Global Award Processing Group

All Global WWFF Awards are redesigned and the first “New Style” awards are already out. The awards are processed by the WWFF Global Award Processing Group :

Hunter Awards : DL1JKK Karl

Activator Awards : DL4BBH Friedrich

DXFF Awards : ON5SWA Swa

P2P Awards : ON4VT Danny


NACFF : N9MM norm





ACFF : ON4VT Danny

Good hunting and activating !

WWFF Global Awards

Due to different meanings and ideas YO3JW Pit decided to step back as Global WWFF Award Manager.

If you and the hunters/activators in your country apply for a Global Award please be patient.  The awards (with new lay out) will be send out as soon as possible.

Sorry for the delay

Make nature your shack !

WWFF likes to see the slogan “Make nature your shack” more visible in 2018.

You can download the slogan (and the official WWFF logos) on transparent background at LOGO DOWNLOAD

We’re advising you to use this slogan as much as possible on websites, awards, QSL cards etc.

The old slogan “Let’s save the green planet earth” is not the correct slogan, still belonging to the old WFF, from before 2013. And to be honest, WWFF will never safe the planet, we can only “Make nature our shack !”

Thanks for the cooperation !

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