To All Hunters

My Activation Yesterday Sunday the 25th the Ref. # was wrong reported at the WWFF Spot.

Was  reported as 0229 the correct Ref. # is FFF-2290!!!!

Thanks to all Hunters

Vy 73/¤¤


OZ3FI/Finn (F/OZ3FI/P)


Step back

Dear WWFF’ers

I started with good intensions as WWFF chairman. We formed a fantastic WWFF-Team and a great group of Award Processors.

The continious comments and even rude personal attacks of some have hit me in that way that I decide to step back from all my WWFF duties. As a chronic pain patient all this extra stress is affecting my pain issues in a very negative way. As Ham Radio is a HOBBY for me, a way to relax, the only good decission for me is stepping back.

Thanks to the WWFF-Team for the confidence in me. Thanks to all hunters and activators who supported me. I will keep that in mind and try to wipe out the bad memories.

I’m pretty sure I’m disappointing a lot of you. Some others will be happy. That’s life.

I will do again what makes me happy and relax : activating and hunting. Not only WWFF, but also GMA, WCA, SOTA, Lighthouses … I hope to hear you soon on the air !

73 44 Danny ON4VT

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