interdit2-300x260Just a reminder that when activating a WWFF reference, you as operator are responsible to follow the rules of your (limited) license. When in a foreign country activating, always check the local rules for your license. It may be different from your home country rules! WWFF is no Radio Police, WWFF is NOT checking if you activated LEGAL or not !

Also about the use of /P /M /MM /A is a lot of confusion. Most countries have clear rules in their Ham licenses when to use /P /M it or not. To avoid confusion it’s important to repeat your call often, and ALWAYS USE THE SAME CALLSIGN. Fill in the WWFF AGENDA with your correct activation data, it helps a lot to spread the correct information among WWFF hunters. For sending QSL (digi or paper) use the SAME CALL AS USED ON AIR.  Digital logbooks give an error when downloading wrong data !

WWFF has now a partnership with eQSL. How to eQSL correct from /P is explained here : Correct eQSL for portable operations