Huge wildfire in progress on W side of Sovenia on border with Italy .Afeected is a large part of SLovenian and Italian Carst area arround 600ha – also afected Flora & Fauna references IFF-0354 Doberdo.Pietrarossa and S5FF-0043 , S5FF-0089 Lokvica.Over 600+ firefigthers battlig the on diifferent locations the huge and agressive flames of wildfires..on both sides of borderline, also 4 helicopters (Slo army,police and italian civil protection ) and 3 canadairs were engaged (2 Italian and 2 Croatian ) in last 3days….aircrafts are still in full action in area….the battle with fire is still on… in area blows gale wind from ENE (media) 10-17km/h and high temparatures over 36°C ..beside non passable terrain thick woods and vegetation,rocks…also a many of detonations and explosions of varity ammunition relicts and non expolded from WW1 in vast sorrounding area (here was a main battle line Isonzo front) make the work hard and dangerous – are issue for the firefighters also on Italian side in town Jamiano few houses were afedted and cut by fire………Firefighters,civil protection and volountaris keep battling the flames…. Good luck o my firefighting brothers from my unit (first on place) and other firefigters fro allover Slovenia and Italy come to assis and help to control the wildfire…

keep on brothers….

Good luck my heart and my toughts are with you….

73 Mike 9A/S55G/p

S5FF Coordinator

(on hollyday EU-170 island of Iž Coratia)