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  • in reply to: New member, can’t apply for awards #12851
    Andrew M0YMA

    The “Apply for Awards” privilege is processed automagically over-night (GMT/UTC) to check profile completion.

    Hopefully, you are good to go?!

    in reply to: Check your profile! #12824
    Andrew M0YMA

    Hello Vladimir

    There is no mandate to add a photo.

    WWFF Logsearch requires Name, DXCC and callsign(s) – all of which, I assume, you will agree are appropriate for an awards scheme?

    If you check your profile, it will tell you what is missing…

    Edit: I have checked your profile, and it is (now) complete and “APply for Awards” enabled… so issue can be closed.

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    in reply to: VKFF-H-Gold (HF/Phone) VKFF-H-Gold (HF/Mixed) #12664
    Andrew M0YMA

    Can you confirm that “Apply For” is shown when you have “HF/Mixed” selected, and not “Mixed/Mixed” ?


    in reply to: Activation list #12662
    Andrew M0YMA

    At the moment, you can only download your Hunter QSOs as a CSV

    You can Copy/Paste to Excel, or Print as PDF, but I accept this is sub-optimal.

    Logged as a feature request

    in reply to: Pending Awards #12640
    Andrew M0YMA

    As per the National Programs Page, 4XFF coordinator is 4X1RE


    I’m unable to help – you need to chase the National Award Manager

    in reply to: Expanded reference #12501
    Andrew M0YMA

    PS: QSOs and references from deleted areas no longer count, Jakob, as with DXCCs -but credit can be transferred

    in reply to: Expanded reference #12499
    Andrew M0YMA

    Depending on exactly how the boundaries are, I’d be minded to leave two references…

    We’ve done this in the UK, where two adjacent areas (with their own clear boundaries) are “officially” merged as one – but we’ve kept them as two

    GFF-0121 Thames Basin Heaths SPA – Castle Bottom NNR
    GFF-0324 Thames Basin Heaths SPA – Pirbright Common

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    in reply to: The ADIF Version 3.1.3 #12466
    Andrew M0YMA

    Hi Nobi

    Given that I was the proposer of the (MY_)WWFF_REF changes, then yes, these will be introduced into Logsearch – we just need the logging tools to adopt it.

    And yes, the DSTAR change will be implemented too. QRX ๐Ÿ™‚


    in reply to: Incorrect reference in Adif #12457
    Andrew M0YMA

    I have corrected all the entries and re-uploaded with a different file name, just need the wrong reference entries deleted.

    I do wish Log Mangers would read the instructions on the Upload screen:

    Errors can be corrected by posting to the WWFF Logsearch Forum…
    … please DO NOT upload a duplicate log then ask us to delete the first one!

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    in reply to: cant apply for awards #12394
    Andrew M0YMA

    If you place your cursor over one of the awards you want to apply for, the too-tip will tell you why you can’t apply…

    Could you post that here?

    in reply to: How to find unactivated references? #12361
    Andrew M0YMA

    On the menu at the very top, highlight DIRECTORY then STATISTICS


    Then select “Unactivated” from the left hand drop-down, and the selected program from the right hand drop-down.

    Note: not all programs are reported… if you need one that isn’t, please post back here.

    in reply to: HBFF AWARDS HBFF-A-125 AND HBFF-A-175; HONOUR ROLL #12089
    Andrew M0YMA

    OK… 150 is now active…

    in reply to: HBFF AWARDS HBFF-A-125 AND HBFF-A-175; HONOUR ROLL #12088
    Andrew M0YMA

    Mea culpa…

    I’d noted the previous instruction

    we have changed the rules: the released Awards will be for 25-50-75-100-150-200 Refs, no more.

    I’d not noted the extra steps.

    Will add the next step, when I can…

    in reply to: P2P QSOs #12083
    Andrew M0YMA


    No data is frozen… P2P stats are calculated dynamically… Looking at your data:

    • On the “Summary Stats” it shows 84/102 – that’s 84 confirmed out of 102 claimed.
    • On the P2P tab, you have a total of 127 QSOs…

    Delving deeper… you have:

    • In total: 127 P2P QSOs, from 102 unique P2P combinations
    • Confirmed: 103 P2P QSOs, from 84 unique P2P combinations
    • Unconfirmed: 18 P2P QSOs
    • Errors: 6

      So, the stats look correct to me…

    in reply to: Protected areas with same shape, but dufferent directives #12071
    Andrew M0YMA

    If the same area carries multiple designations, then it should only have one WWFF reference ID, with the name or notes explaining the designations.

    In the UK, we have references that are SPA, SAC, RAMSAR, National Nature Reserve and Site of Special Interest… but only one reference ID.

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