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    Hello Ji DS1TUW,
    You may contact Manfred Meier DF6EX, here on WWFF .
    He is practically the coordinator for countries that have not yet a National Coordinator and a National Program.
    I wish you may want to organize HLFF and may become the WLFF National Coordinator! FB
    73 44, Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

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    in reply to: Year 2010 HBFF Top Operators: Error Found #14003

    Hello Andrew,
    I am not able to reach you anymore so I hope you read the message here!

    Please let me have somehow, better by WhatsApp at my cellphone number, the images of these HB9 Paper Logs.
    That will make me possible to go forth, otherwise I’m QRX …

    Please contact me by email to get data and numbers for WhatsApp ot other media, thanks.

    Vy 73, Augusto

    in reply to: Year 2010 HBFF Top Operators: Error Found #13941

    Andrew, please let me have a valid email address for you, as my last emails to you re HB9/M**** did not get you at all, and we need these answers to go on organizing the activations.
    Many thanks, Augusto

    in reply to: Year 2010 HBFF Top Operators: Error Found #13916

    Hello Andrew,
    About your reply to me #13902,
    I have replied here, I guess, but I cannot find anything more.
    I’m sorry for that; as I have no copy of what I wrote to you I cannot copy here my reply.

    I hope you have got it by mail, anyway it was that logs are corrected as uploaded these times, and WWFF seems to have all them right; but the statistics does not reflect these data.

    It’s not so important, we have checked and now we are clear.

    The all years awards we believe to be right, and our yearly top ops will be issued based on our logs.

    Many thanks, Andrew, let me please have a valid email for you as the one of my previous messages re HB9 did come back with invalid address.

    Ciao 73 44, Augusto

    in reply to: Year 2010 HBFF Top Operators: Error Found #13915

    Hello Luk, thanks!
    I have inbetween compared my logs results and done some more work with LogSearch.

    The results:
    – We have NO HBFF Activ. logs on 2010
    – WWFF has NO HBFF Logs on 2010
    – TOP OPS Gives many, absolutely wrong, for 2010 (fake logs!)

    – We have 3 Activators on 2011
    – WWFF has the same logs as us for 2011
    – TOP OPS gives 1 activator only for 2011 (are the right logs!)

    I have not yet tested for other years, but what is clear is that the WWFF DataBase has the right data, and only the results of these statistics are wrong.
    For this I suppose that all the Activator awards are rights.

    For Hunters, as in 2010 we had NO activations at all, is clear that also Top Hunter 2010 may not be correct.
    For the same reason of errors in 2011 above maybe also 2011.

    I have decided to issue our Top Awards based only on Log Data, that are the same in WWFF and HBFF , in spite of statistics.

    Many thanks, Luk
    73 44 Augusto

    Il 26/09/2023 10:24, Luc Waterschoot ha scritto:

    in reply to: Year 2010 HBFF Top Operators: Error Found #13891

    Good Afternoon,
    I have checked the logs I did upload these times: all is correct.

    Thus the Top Operator statistic for 2010 is completely wrong.
    Probably also for the hunters, as we had no activations in 2010 at all.

    For 2011, the only activations are by I2AE and this is also wrong as we had alo 1 activation by DL1EKO and 2 activations on the same Ref by HB9WFF.

    For this reason we believe that also the “all years” statistics may be wrong! And for this, also some Award may have been issued wrongly.

    I also checked the refs activated by those activators, with LogSearch: strangely, it gives correct results for 2011.

    I would please the concerned manager to correct these pages, and write mere if the other years statistics are corrected, so we may issue the top operators yearly awards.

    Many thanks!

    in reply to: GMA Log Error #00148907 2023-07-20 HBFF-0308 HB9AGO/P #13766

    Hello Staff,
    Habsruedi HB9AGO wrote me that the wrong Log in HBFF-0308 is still there and the right activation in HBFF-0259 is not in the Database.

    I guess it can be erased the wrong log in HBFF-0308; in that case I could upload again the right log in the HBFF-0259; let me pleaese know if I can do that.

    Many thanks fronm Augusto HB9TZA and Hansruedi HB9AGO

    HB9AGP wrote: WWFF hat den Fehler bei HBFF-0259 vom 20.07.2023 noch nicht korrigiert. Meine Aktivität vom Schauenberg, HBFF-0259, wurde wegen dem Fehler im GMA-Adif-File bei HBFF-0308 gutgeschrieben. Darf ich Dich bitten, diesen Fehler bei WWFF korrigieren zu lassen.Vielen Dank.

    in reply to: HBFF Information to be completed #13556

    Hello Luk,
    Something has changed on the HBFF National Program: in the page of the National Awards,
    under the icon of HBFF stand:
    … <omissis> …
    Logmanager : HB9TZA
    Here the email address of HB9TZA now is ” hb9tza@bluewin.ch ” to be changed with the new one: ” staff@hbff.ch ” or better temporary both together ” hb9tza@bluewin.ch staff@hbff.ch .
    The structure of the site and of HBFF is changing as the Castles part will be token over and managed indipendently by another ham group.
    I thank you very much! 73 44,
    Augusto HB9TZA

    in reply to: HBFF Rules and HBFF Directory data #13176

    Anyway Andrew, tradition or not, I see that some few operators care for it; I guess in the next edition of the HBFF Rules I will erase that tradition, ans let it be as it comes.

    Personally I let free all the References I propose and find; to be the first or the last for me it is exactly the same thing.

    73 44 Andrew, Tnx for the suggestion

    in reply to: HBFF Rules and HBFF Directory data #13175

    HI Andrew,
    as I pointed out, this is not a Rule, it was mandatory only with the old Committee. Now it is just a tradition that we suggest to honorate, it is a question of fair operating among friends, like all OMs should be.
    Then, if one will care for this or not, it is only his affair, he’s free to adhere or not to our Traditional Values.

    Personally, I would prefer not to have to do with OMs that do not care for rules, do not care for nothing, they come activate and finish, they even do not send logs, or send them elsewhere. Sorrily, exists also that kind of Activator!
    I prefer these Ops that BEFORE to come and activate, look for Award Informations, search and read the Rules, look for the maps and Ref Infos, and so on.

    Thanks for All, Andrew; 73 44 !

    in reply to: GCR messages do not arrive anymore to me #13003

    I have changed my email address gmail.com with another new one ***.ch , not ***.com , the former email address gmail.com has been changed on the wwff logsearch admin to the new one, and it worked fine.
    The same happened on our server, I changed these .com adresses (gmail and hotmail) with the new one, not .com but .ch , and all is OK.
    I do not know why or how, but it works now; and that’s enough.
    Thanks to Luk and to Swa for helping me.
    Merry Xmas and happy 2023 to all
    Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR ,

    in reply to: GCR LIST #12956

    HI Swa,
    thanks for your kind posts to me, and for the Infos they contain.
    I have posted a reply to my post on the Forum related to this problem.
    What I have seen, it seems not only related to gmail but more to .com mail providers. But, careful, allof them, comprised gmail, worked perfectly -in my case – for all the other messages from logsearch admin, except these having GCR in the title!!!
    Anyway, I have now added a new email address for me, if I can reach somebody that can add it to the email list of logsearch admin, we will see if what I suppose is true …
    Iìll let you know, Swa, what happens and what I find.
    73 44, and thanks again also for the Awards Infos.
    73 44,

    in reply to: GCR messages do not arrive anymore to me #12955

    In the meantime I have notice that other NCs had the same problem; it was suggested that it was related to gmail, but on my case this was more related to ” .com ” as other email accounts did not work; but this is not completely true: both gmasil and other .com worked exactly as they sould do for ALL other messages except the one containing GCR in the title, it seemed. I have not tested it as I cannot write from logsearch admin and send me test messages that way; but from what I have seen, fwiw, it seemed so.
    Now I have create a NEW email account of that kind that seemed to be working; I need to let logsearch admin to add that email account to the addresses list of these GCR messages; after that, we will see ehat happens.
    Please the persons that may modify these addresses keep in touch with me by personal email so I can give the new address for HBFF-NC and we will stop loosing awards for a silly probably hacking issue on .com or else , whatever it could be!
    Many many thanks!
    73 44 Augusto

    in reply to: GCR LIST #12937

    hi on5swa,
    This is now happening to me, too; it is the 1st time.
    The strange thing is that ONLY the GCR 1st message does not arrive to me on our server, nor by direct address from logsearch admin.
    I tested to add 3 other email addresses to forward the GCR in the server, but nothing: it does not arrive direct nor via the server email forward. Curiously, the email message of approvation and the email message with the awards have the same email addresses, but they arrive and work perfectly.
    I cannot figure what may cause this problem, as it is not only a question for one address on the email sent by logsearch admin, as it does not work also on forwarding mail from our server to my adresses! Quite a strange thing.
    Do you know what caused these problems to your mail?
    Thanks for the Informations.
    73 44 , Augusto HB9TZA

    in reply to: HBFF Information to be completed #12757

    There are a lot of changes to do on HBFF National award on WWFF pages!
    I wrongly wrothe them to Andrew, I repeat all of them here following.

    1) HBFF Icon has changed: the Icon Owner does not allow me to use it anymore. How may I send you the new Icon? And what dimension and format do you prefer? Thanks.

    2) More, the links under that image / Logo have changed: here follow them:
    – HBFF Switzerland & Liechtenstein: change link pse!
    new link https://hbff.ch/Refs/HBFF_Refs.htm
    – Coordinator: as is, OK
    – Awards: HB9CBR ; new link: mailto:awards@hbff.ch
    – Logmanager : as is, OK

    The OM that managed the Awards editing them with the data from GCR message and signed them as Award Manager is not anymore with us; the job of issuing the Awards from GCR request messages is now care of Bruno HB9CBR, a vy valid HBFF and SOTA activator, that accepted to help me on this.

    I forward you an email message with the new Logo Image and above details: I please you if possible to do the changes in a Hurry to avoid disagreable and odd troubles and problems, thanks!
    So we may go forward with the awards, as the old email address is not valid anymore and this could cause loss of requests.

    Thank you Luk to help me in this difficult sorrowful situation!
    73 44,

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