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  • in reply to: HBFF Information to be completed #11470

    Hello Luk,
    Something has changed in our domains.
    I please you to change the following link:

    NEW HBFF Website Address: https://hbff.ch/

    I have semplified and got an exclusive domain for HBFF, I have also corrected something wrong; in the future also some mail address will maybe change, I’ll write here in that case.

    I hope my new References InfoPages completed by downloadable maps and Infos will help Activators; many have appreciated them very much, it has been a big effort but it seems to me it’s been worth while.

    Many thanks, Luk, and hope to meet you on the air
    73 44 , Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

    in reply to: Club Stations #11423

    There is also another Club Callsign:
    Operators will be specified in each Activation Log.

    in reply to: Club Stations #11421

    HB9WFF/p Club Callsign of the SSFG-GSRC Group
    HB9RL/P Club Callsign of the Radio Club Locarno
    HB9SOTA Club Callsign of the HB-SOTA Group Switzerland
    HB15SOTA also as above, SOTA Group Switzerland.

    Operators will be specified in each Activation Log.

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    in reply to: WWFF logs and LOTW ??? #11279

    Thank you very much Abdrew for the exhaustive reply!
    I’m now sure that the adif Logs that I modify to suit for autoupload to WWFF are OK; som OM Activator did not want to complete the Info on my Request, they used a nice italian Logger, a good one, but that puts “Operator” instead of “Station_Callsign”.
    They used a clubcall and were 4 ops, so I asked him to give me their Data in Log, and the OldMan refused to give other data and also to give sig and sig_info, and further went hangry too, on my regard … Then another OM told me abt LoTW and these two fields, and also that in other countries the NC were not like me thus all these data I requested were really not necessaries and unfair.
    … If they simply used FLE …
    Many thanks for the Infos, Andrew, very kind from you.
    73 44, Augusto

    in reply to: HBFF AWARDS HBFF-A-125 AND HBFF-A-175; HONOUR ROLL #11181

    I would add the HBFF-A-250 and HBFF-H-250 to the list of the above Awards; many thanks! 73 44 Augusto

    in reply to: Forum Areas Access ? #11169

    Thank you! That’s imho a right approach. 73 44 August

    in reply to: Forum Areas Access ? #11132

    Thank you, Andrew!
    I have forwarded your Answer to the interested OMs.
    73 44, Augusto HB90TZA

    in reply to: DDFFwatch : banned or not working? #11075

    Hello, this morning it is still worse, if possible!
    I was not able to post a spot for Juerg activating HBFF and SOTAS, from 5 different computers and with all my callsigns!
    I called a friend on phone, let me see if he does work …

    in reply to: Wrong Reference given and uploaded, how to correct? #10939

    Hello Manfred, here the Data for the Log Correction:
    Actual WRONG log : HB9CBR@HBFF-0033_20200718
    Wrong Reference: HBFF-0033 ,all other Data are OK

    TO BE CORRECTED AS: HB9CBR@HBFF-0234_20200718
    Correct Reference : HBFF-0234

    If you need some other Data from me, please I am at your disposal.
    73 44, and many many thanks!
    Augusto HB9TZA

    in reply to: WWFF / GMA Cluster #10876

    Hallo Uwe, and ASll interested into this topic:
    This is my proposal:

    Is there a possibility to modify the WWFF-watch in order tyo let the Spot, posted there, to be forwarded to other loggers, in order to get them to be spreaded more around? Spot are to be of help to the Activators, so why limit them?

    I would propose WWFF Website Managers to ask to GMA, whose courtesy our WWFF watch is, to do this mod, if possible, and let us know the results. Many thanks, 73 44 Augusto HB9TZA

    in reply to: Resident Activators Lists by National Programs #10867

    Hallo Bruno,
    I confirm you that Nick HB9DDZ QTH is into HBFF-0010 Park of Jura Aargau (AG), see his profile on QWRZ.com.
    Nick wrote me timesago that many other Hams were living into that Park Area, but sofar noother Infos abt that.
    I hope soon to be able to get other Hams on the HBFF-Resident List.
    HNY 73 44 Augusto HB9tza

    in reply to: WWFF / GMA Cluster #10865

    Hallo Uwe, HNY!
    I wpould also like what you suggest; I normally post a spot BOTH on the WWFF Cluster, than also on DXsummit, so that more Hams are able to see the Spot and it really helps Hunters, as a Cluster was intended to do.
    The GMA has done and do quite a lot of good jobs; so I hope that your suggestion will be appreciated and WWFF Cluster may exchange – or only export, maybe better, – his spots to other Clusters.
    73 44 Uwe, have a nice and good 2021!
    Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

    in reply to: AGENDA Input Problem #10768

    Now it’s OK again, happily! Uff!

    in reply to: Strange behaviour with GMA Log uploading #10378

    Hello Manfred, what original mail do you mean?
    I will send you by email the original log, as it arrived to me, containing the two references with the wrong field name as per GMA, and the log I have uploaded, that is, the same log corrected from me with the right adif field names and containing both references in the MY_SIG_INFO field. I will also send you the corrected loadable logs, that is, the same log divided into two, one for each reference.
    Is it OK for you?
    Please let me know if the logs are corrected OK .
    Many many thanks, 73 44


    HI, I have upoloaded the HBFF-0036 Log, as I have seen that the QSOs uploaded wrongly with HBFF-0068 are not into HBFF-0036.

    Then, if you will erase the wrong uploaded Log HBFF-0068, these will also disappear and all will be OK.

    After that, uploading the right HBFF-0068 Log with another name, otherwise it will be seen as a dupe, will end all this sad stupid story.

    Oncemore excuse me and all others for this strange error:
    we will pay due and more attention to this issue in the future.

    73 44 Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

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