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  • in reply to: HBFF-H-100 problems #6934

    Thanks Andrew!
    I have posted another message re. HBFF Awards ( HBFF-A-** ) right some minute ago on the “National Programs & Awards ” Forum, because it seems LogSearch does not release the HBFF-A Awarrds, but only the HBFF-H ones.
    Sorry, maybe I should have posted it here!
    Anyway, thanks a lt for what you do !
    73 44 Augusto HB9TZA
    HBFF Team

    in reply to: Data on "GCR for Award" mesdsages by Administrator #6566

    Well, it could be a good thing .
    Also remembering to the incomplete profile ops, when they submit the Award Requests, to necessary complete their profiles may be a good thing.
    If they want the Award, they shall then enter all the necessary missing data, or nothing will be issued …
    Thanks Andrew: as usual, a FB of yours.
    73, Augusto HB9TZA / 5R8JR

    in reply to: HBFF-H-100 problems #6341

    HI , now we of the HBFF have changed the Rules.
    It is not only HBFF-25 , 50, 75 avaiolable, but an HBFF-H or HBFF-A award is available for ECVERY 25 references; so we will issue the HBFF-H-25, 50, 75, 100, 125 , … and so on .
    The Honour Roll is still available upon request only but not for a minimum of 10 cantons connected, but for 13 cantons or semicantons, with HB0 (FL) counting as 1 canton .

    So, I guess there is something to change in the WWFF LogSearch in order to upgrade the Awards alert.
    Should we write somebody else, or here is it enough ???
    Thanks . Augusto HB9TZA,
    In nam of HBFF team

    in reply to: LogSearch-Top Operators : Menu Last Update #6185

    Oh my God!
    It’s there , but I NEVER went before, to the bottom of that list!
    Maybe because the HBFF list is so short.
    Thanks Andrew and sorry for this fault, I apologize.
    Now at least I know what to say in such a case …
    73 es 44 , Augusto

    in reply to: Data on "GCR for Award" mesdsages by Administrator #6178

    Ciao Andrew.
    Is there a way to remember the Applicants to fill or correct their Data?
    Or to let the Applicants specify once for all what for Name and Data they would like to get on their Awards?
    We still have often troubles in getting the Applicants Datas , HI, or we get corrective feedbacks after award release.
    Tnx, 73 44 , August , for HBFF Team


    HI, I edited the above answer to correct some error; it does it, then antrispam ask me the sum of two numbers, then … all remain with errors as before. I did corrections two times, not ok.
    just for your info, 73 es 44
    Augusto HB9TZA I2JJR


    Thank you Andrew for the prompt answer!
    I supposed such behaviour, so I correct that QSO erasing the P2P data, and it becomes a normal qso.
    Also Luciano I5FLN confirmed that such References are non valid for WWFF, so it’s all simply clear now.
    I’ve sent ther corrected log to the OEFF Coordinator, Rainer OE3RGB, se he will be able to upload it.
    Thanks for your fine job Andrew, and your valkid help.
    73 es 44 de Augusto HB9TZA
    (soon 5R8JR , 5RFF too)

    in reply to: Wrong email by HBFF-Award Requests #4792

    It has not been corrected yet; and seems to be impossible by the powerful “word Press ” !!!
    I am forwarding these request manually to awards@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch were they belong, but I please to be patient if sometime somehow an award request may be lost; it just happened time ago .
    Another thing: how can we of HBFF notify that an HBFF Awards has been requested directly to us and not via LogSearch? THius happens, too , and so the LogSerach list need to be updated. May I be allowed to correct this someway? And in case , how do I do it ?
    Hope in an answer , here …
    Augusto HB9TZA / 5R8JR

    in reply to: Cannot find HBFF- uploaded logs! #3482

    I guess the topic shall be closed now

    in reply to: Cannot find HBFF- uploaded logs! #3403

    Happy new Year 2017 !!!
    I have uploaded the above listed logs, and some of them gave me a message ” log already uploaded ” that has been a happy new for me!
    Very good indeed, FB !
    So now for what regards the HBFF , all is OK except for an activation log that I have not yet received “;^((
    As soon – if even – I will get it, I’ll upload .
    Many whishes and thanks for all !
    73 44 51 de Augusto HB9TZA

    in reply to: Cannot find HBFF- uploaded logs! #3365

    HI Andrew and Danny , I wish you all a nice end of 2016 and happy 2017 .
    Well, about the above list of HBFF logs, I guess I can simply upload them, as from my data.
    I’ll do it soon .
    So the HBFF Hunters may get an updated rank list and their Awards.
    When the HBFF-List will be available, I’ll be able to check if there will be some double log; but I guess all is OK .
    73 44 es 51 dear Friends!
    Augusto HB9TZA

    in reply to: Split: Award list #3261

    Very well, thanks Andrew!
    Buon Natale to you and your Dears !
    Augusto hb9tza i2jjr

    in reply to: Split: Award list #3228

    OK ! That’s right.
    But it happened to me in the past to request accidentally some awards that are not mine! And it did.

    Actually, the HB9WFF callsig is administrated by HB9FBI ; but there is a Pending Award for HB9TZA as HB9WFF … we will reject it of course; but it happened.

    You see, if I do logsearch for a callsign after my log-in , i.e. searching for callsign IK2FBI , it searches as it were IK2FBI used by HB9TZA; ( Summary Statistics for user HB9TZA
    (using call-sign IK2QPO) and it is not so. THuere, I can apply for IK2QPO Awards, too .

    This seems me a wrong thing; of ciourse, if I am correct I will not request them; but it happened, accidentally.

    73 es 44 es 51 de Augusto HB9TZA I2JJR

    in reply to: Cannot find HBFF- uploaded logs! #3227

    Thanks Andrew , as usual you get me out of the troubles!

    More than a list of what I have uploaded, it could be better a list of the HBFF logs present on the DataBase.

    I remember I got something like that in the past, if I remember correctly, it was among top operators statistics .
    It is present but not working: see https://wwff.co/logsearch/top-operators/ , query by “all-time” and “HBFF” that only gives “stats for HBFF coming soon … “. This could be an easier answer to my needs, when working.

    Or , it could be a subset of the logsearch – latest logs – national awards , or else a subset of awards & progs – National Awards – ; but the 1st is more likely to be pertinent.

    Or else it could be similar to callsign search : Logsearch – Logsearch Callsign and be Logsearch – Logsearch Reference ; where I may query for , i.e., a single reference, i.e. HBFF-0001 to list a reference and its logs present on the DataBase, know how many activations and who was activator; or even a national program name, i.e. HBFF, and in that case it will list all the activated references logs that are in the WWFF DataBase.

    This are my thinkings; you are the Master, and thus of course, do what you feel better !
    But I hope to have been helpful.

    For these logs, that I had listed in my last message, if you could see if they are not in the WWFF, then I could add them.

    My upload ended while migration, as we wrote us these times, and after HBFF-0174, some month ago; so we are a bit late!

    I could recover uploading the listed logs, if it is OK from you!
    Please, when you have time to do it, tell me if OK, and I’ll do.

    73 44, and have a nice, calm and warm Xmas!

    in reply to: Cannot find HBFF- uploaded logs! #3209

    HI you All,
    As I got no answer, I am looking at bypassing the Problem.

    I try this way: I search for Callsign , stats as Activator-References-NationalAwards ; I see that Stas in that sense are working, so thanks Andrew oncemore.

    So now I may download a list of the References activated that are loaded on the WWFF Database. One for each activator callsign I have here. Long way, but doable.

    At this point it will be very simple to have a list of NOT-IN-WWFF logs, and I could upload them … MAYBE !

    But it may also not be that simple, so , in order to avoid the possibility to upload double logs, I please Andrew, or others that may access the WWFF Database, to control the list of these apparently not present logs, apart from their station_callsign, by Reference :

    |Activation | by | date | notes
    HBFF-0145 HB9WFF/P Dec. 04, 2016
    HBFF-0144 HB9WFF/P Dec. 03, 2016
    HBFF-0160 HB9HI/P Nov. 23, 2016
    HBFF-0020 HB9HI/P Nov. 19, 2016
    HBFF-0139 HB9WFF/P Nov. 13, 2016
    HBFF-0007 HB0/DL8DBW/P Oct. 27, 2016
    HBFF-0139 HB9WFF/P Sep. 25, 2016
    HBFF-0020 HB9/DL2DXA/P Aug. 22, 2016
    HBFF-0163 HB9DNI/P Aug. 21, 2016 (end)
    HBFF-0163 HB9DNI/P Aug. 14, 2016 (begin)

    If I get a response in reasonable time, I’ll upload them;
    and in this way :
    – hunters will be happy for Xmas,
    – they will not beat wife childrens and pets,
    – Award Managers will be happy to work out Awards …
    And I will stop writing silly notes on the Forum.

    May you all have a beautiful wonderful quiet relaxed Xmas , and may the new 2017 bring you a lot of new parks worked!
    And of course, among them, mines on 5R8 .

    Cheers, 73 44 de August HB9TZA I2JJR 5R8JR

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